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Direct link to the Shubukan Uema Dojo. Shubukan is already long time active in Czech Republic , Switzerland, Canada, USA
and now also in Germany.

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Okinawa Karate is particularly self-defense and lifelong learning program

The whole training is focused on the development of physical and mental ability to resist the sudden attack. An important aspect of Okinawan Karate training is the emphasis on natural movement, which also has a therapeutic effect and helps people to live a healthy active and long life. The people of Okinawa are proof of that.

Okinawa Karate is a proven self-defense learning method for everyone no matter what is your actual physical condition and age.

A not so strong person can benefit from Okinawa Karate even more than someone who is already strong! However, it should be noted that there is no short way or quick method of learning self-defense. The good news is that one who has real internal motivation can gradually increase his skills to such an extent that he will multiply his current chances of succeeding against a real attack and thus defend his health and life.

The sommer schedulle in 2020

23.6., 25.6., 30.6., 21.7., 23.7., 18.8., 20.8., 25.8., 27.8. (18:00 - 19:30)

In case of good weather in Huthpark (near to the upper outdoor gym)

In case of rain or high probability of rain in "Paulinum an der Friedberger Warte"

Regular lessons

Since September again every Tuesday and Thursday (from 18:00 to 19:30)

“Paulinum an der Friedberger Warte - Zentrum für aktives Miteinander”
Valentin-Senger-Str. 136a
Frankfurt am Main

Bring your sports pants and T-shirt or Karate suit with you. With further questions please contact me via Email:

Other dates can also be flexibly arranged (for example morning hours). Saturday, holiday, special training or individual lesson we might arrange by mutual agreement.

Prices, discounts, subscriptions, annual membership fee

The price per person and training is 10, - EUR.

Since July 2020, preferential prices will be introduced in the form of a monthly or annual subscription and membership fee (discount for whole families or siblings is possible). The registered member will thus have discounts on organized seminars and camps in both Germany and the Czech Republic (eg Karate Camp).


There is possibility to attend regular seminars in Prague or Jičín:
Sa 22.8.2020 Jičín
Su 23.8.2020 Praha - Jahodnice
Sa 19.9.2020 Praha - Jahodnice
Fr 2.10. - Ne 4.10.2020 Ostrava
Sa 17.10.2020 Jičín
Sa 21.11.2020 Praha - Jahodnice
Sa 12.12.2020 Jičín

Since year 2021 will be organized seminars in Frankfurt am Main or in the surrounding under the guidance of my teacher Jan Gyuris..

There is also realistic plan to organize seminars led by Shubukan Okinawa representative Takeshi Uema supported by a team of his assistants.

Karate camp

Possibility to participate in the 10-day Karate Camp in the Czech Republic which takes place every year at the beginning of July (Fr 3.7. - Su 12.7.2020) in Lužany near Jičín. Trainings at Karate Kemp are led by my teacher Jan Gyuris with the support of a team of Czech instructors including myself. Multiple representatives and members of Shubukan Switzerland occasionally also attending the Karate Kemp.

Trainings on Okinawa

Advanced students can take a few weeks of trainings in Shubukan Uema Dojo in Okinawa and pass exams on Dan grades (In the year 2020 is the visit of Uema Dojo in Okinawa cancelled because of ...).

About me

My name is Roman Křapka and I came to Frankfurt from the Czech Republic. I have been involved in martial arts since 1984. In 2006, I coincidentally had the opportunity to become acquainted with Okinawan Karate, and since then I have been intensively involved.
Before I came to Frankfurt, I led my own group of karate students in Prague, which was part of Shubukan Czech Republic and RBKA.

I am very happy to help you all who are sincerely interested in studying Okinawan Karate, step by step to develop your self-defense and physical skills through regular training, while at the same time achieving great satisfaction in achieving all-round personal growth.

Czech Shubukan and my teacher Jan Gyuris - the first teacher of Okinawan Karate in the Czech Republic

Czech Shubukan Organization - Jičín and Prague
Branch of Czech Shubukan in Prague - Jahodnice and Benešov
Branch of Czech Shubukan in Ostrava
Branch of Czech Shubukan in Újezd

Shubukan on Okinawa Shubukan Shorin Ryu Uema Dojo

Joki Uema
(The founder of Shubukan organization)

Yasuhiro Uema

Takeshi Uema

Okinawan Karate is a concept of real self-defense training that has been proven over the centuries and has little to do with contemporary sport. These videos will help you get an idea of what is meant by Okinawan Karate.

Shubukan in other counries
Shubukan Switzerland
Shubukan Canada
Shubukan New England (USA)

Special trainings and individual lessons in a park
By mutual agreement we can organize a special lesson at any time, including Saturdays and public holidays in Frankfurt's Wasserpark (of course during the opening hours of the park) or in Huthpark (behind the Unfalklinik, near to the upper outdoor gym).

Last update: 20.6.2020